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Marina Heavies (1 image, 1 trip)

The sun sets hard around here

I rarely mess with photographs to unrealistic levels, almost never in fact. But tiring of the constant bluey …..click here to find out what blueyness irks me, also a gif!


Al Ain Camel (and other such beasties) Market – Humpy in the morning (20 images, and tea for two)

The Early Chill

Somewhere in the outskirts of Al Ain, not far from the foot of Jabal Hafeet, is the Al Ain livestock Market. Get there soon after sunrise as I did on a bitter winter’s morning and you’ll find workers arriving, ……click here to for humps in the eyeholes

Hoppy Next Year (6 images and a blackout bender)

Fire in the Sky


So yeah, people got all excited last night and put some explosions in the sky. It was only a saturday.
click here to make the sky go boom boom, visually

A day at the Zoo (7 images and a submission to our soon to be primal leaders)

as yet untitled

Al Ain Zoo, or widlife park as they like to call it….not entirely sure i see the difference. Regardless, it’s streets ahead of its Dubai counterpart and for that i will not have them shut down.

Having just watched “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, two things occurred to me. ┬áTo start with …….click here to get your stinking eyes on some damned dirty apes

Faces of Arabia, Part 3 of 3, i guess : & Gentlemen (8 images and a story)

The Sales Pitch

He called me to his shack/shop on the outskirts of the friday market

outside Fujairah. He tinkered about for 5-10 minutes with assorted parts

that he placed and …….click here to get the boys back in town

Faces of Arabia, Part 2 of more : Ladies (3 images)