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In the event of a Tsunami (alert) (16 images and just some darned good advice)

Are you in an area not particularly susceptible to the wrath of Poseidon as an 8.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of a nearby nation? Thailand’s Ao Nang to Indonesia’s Sumatra perhaps?  click here to find out how to make your tsunami a fun-ami, also pictures. They’re better than the puns, honest.


Songkran 2012 – The Horror…..the horror (7 images and walking home in damp socks)

Someone's seen scarface (or at least the poster) one too many times

For a few days around this time of year every year, the streets of Thailand run red with the blood of the innocent and deserving alike. Well, blood, or water that mixed with some red colouring along the way. It could be any other colour or even remain crystal clear (unlikely-ly) but that wouldn’t be as dramatic now would it? No. click here to get wet, visually