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Rocky Skies (3 images, a poem, and ripped shoes from running around on boulders)

en route

Click here to get stoned, with pictures


Things are looking up, skywards even : The many ways we find the sun (5 images)

Stand up, stand tall

I like skies, i could say it’s because it’s symbolic of potential freedom, or serves as a reminder of how small even the vastest (spellcheck’s silence just taught me that that’s a word) landscape can be. Or perhaps i could ……..click here to look up, watch out for stray poles though

Though i hate the beach with a salty passion (3 images and a reason for commitment)

Settling sun; penthouse resignation

Ever try to explain to your boss and co-workers that you would like to leave early because of a wicked awesome sunset? Probably not, because you click here for sandy sunny and salty spectacles, alliteration not included


A Walk Around the World Perhaps