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Home on a stick, mine specifically (1 image, then one more to keep her company, )

A Distinct Lack of Roaming Buffalo

But i might make you work for the second  ……click here to find out the second what!?


More Planets; Filling the Plutovoid (5 images and a mild shaddapayouface)

A World in Balance

Stereographic projections, they’re gosh darned awesome.  I do them now. Not too say i haven’t done them before, as evidenced here, here, here, and HYAH! Click here if you tire of this planet, yearning for another, through the power of pikchas!

More Planetations (3 images)

A road runs through it

On a sidenote might i just throw out there that Getty Images got in touch with me……… Click here to get intergalactic, planetary from the comfort of your own home/phone/ipad, whatever