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India : people of the wayside (9 images and a shower……eventually )

My lover stands, on golden sands

I’m not very Indian. My passport has three tigers (or a three headed tiger, i can’t remember) on it, i have a tolerance (if not penchant) for spicy food, my skin is fairly tan, and when i sweat there might be a faint scent of curry; but i’m not very Indian (though to be fair, i’m not very anything) . ……click here for more disassociating ramblings and then a bunch of pictures to help take your mind off it


Faces of Arabia, Part 3 of 3, i guess : & Gentlemen (8 images and a story)

The Sales Pitch

He called me to his shack/shop on the outskirts of the friday market

outside Fujairah. He tinkered about for 5-10 minutes with assorted parts

that he placed and …….click here to get the boys back in town

Faces of Arabia, Part 2 of more : Ladies (3 images)



Faces of Arabia, Part 1 of more : Youthful Exhuberance (3 images)

Under the Weight of Gold

Click here for more Arabia, face-wise

Taking it to the streets

 Not my usual thing admittedly, and i’m not even sure what i’m achieving, or trying to achieve rather, with this set  ……click here for pavement chasing, candidizations