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In the event of a Tsunami (alert) (16 images and just some darned good advice)

Are you in an area not particularly susceptible to the wrath of Poseidon as an 8.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of a nearby nation? Thailand’s Ao Nang to Indonesia’s Sumatra perhaps?  click here to find out how to make your tsunami a fun-ami, also pictures. They’re better than the puns, honest.


Home on a stick, mine specifically (1 image, then one more to keep her company, )

A Distinct Lack of Roaming Buffalo

But i might make you work for the second  ……click here to find out the second what!?

And just after they cancelled the space program (4 images and a musical suggestion)

I am drowning, there is no sign of land

 How awesome are The Mountain Goats. The band that is, not the bunch of wild animals that are constantly rummaging through the pile in the corner of my bedroom

Listen to ’em here, particularly “No Children” from which i stole lyrics to name the above picture…booyah!

click here for more orb-ography, much more

More Planets; Filling the Plutovoid (5 images and a mild shaddapayouface)

A World in Balance

Stereographic projections, they’re gosh darned awesome.  I do them now. Not too say i haven’t done them before, as evidenced here, here, here, and HYAH! Click here if you tire of this planet, yearning for another, through the power of pikchas!

More Planetations (3 images)

A road runs through it

On a sidenote might i just throw out there that Getty Images got in touch with me……… Click here to get intergalactic, planetary from the comfort of your own home/phone/ipad, whatever

Dubai, then…..now?


I took this picture, or these pictures rather, about 2 weeks ago after checking out The Pavilion art centre in old town. A decent place to go unwind and/or get some work done, though it still lacks something. Anyhow, there was a really good photo exhibition by Charlie Koolhaas about Dubai. Though each shot was seemingly mundane, the way she put it together really gave a pedestrian (in a good great way) feel to the all too non-pedestrian city that is Dubai. If it’s still on, go have a look, but make sure to stretch your shoulders first.

Aaaanyhow, i took this after and for some reason really liked it, so ..yeah, look at it! Oh and Kudos to Ms. Koolhaas.