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In keeping with the Sunniness (3 images, and not much else)

Cast an Eye over the city

click here for two more…..TWO MORE!!


That Place


Similar to the last posted shot, but this time with a bit of…..something, i don’t know.

The every-so-often-city


One of the rare times i post a picture not taken by me (my brother this time), though after some post-processing, i quite liked the ethereal almost painting-like end product (somewhat reminiscent of this), and the way the city builds up to the Burj and tapers off so soon after resuming into desert. That is all.

Inversely Universally Speaking (3 images and a mild headache)

Looking up into the Pit

click here for more claustrophotophobia

More Planets; Filling the Plutovoid (5 images and a mild shaddapayouface)

A World in Balance

Stereographic projections, they’re gosh darned awesome.  I do them now. Not too say i haven’t done them before, as evidenced here, here, here, and HYAH! Click here if you tire of this planet, yearning for another, through the power of pikchas!

We’re off to see the Wizard

The wonderful wizard of….i dunno, osman maybe?