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Tremble all ye below my grubby toes (3 images, 1 ramble)

A thing of beauty - five toed magnificence

I previously had a post and some words about my time in Austria and the visit to the top of Mt. Hafelekar, but rummaging through my books i found this bunch of words and I felt obliged to throw it up here. Read it maybe, or just look at my right foot (it’s the good one). click here for….do you really need a reason?


Oranje you glad i didn’t say Holland? (1 sentence & 12 images)


Ah netherlands. That’s all. Along with france it would be the other country (so far) in Europe i’d happily buy a one way ticket to. I have but one sentence for the Netherlands.

click here for that very exciting sentence, and maybe several piccy-iccies

Österreich!! (8 images)

New life at the top the world

A constant slew of images straight out of mastered paintings.

click here for the brush stroked skies, and benches….oh the benches!

j’aime plus paris…..plus (3 pictures and a short tale)

The Permitting Streets

Pardon, i seem to have forgotten to post these shots in the last post, and i do so like them.

click here for the rest, and a short story about a girl named christine

J’aime plus Paris (7 images (sept images))

j’aime plus Paris

It’s been over 2 years (read far too long) since i roamed the streets of europe in a bewildered, drunken, but most of all beautiful haze. click here for all the frenchy vous vous fa-fa you can handle