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Marina Heavies (1 image, 1 trip)

The sun sets hard around here

I rarely mess with photographs to unrealistic levels, almost never in fact. But tiring of the constant bluey …..click here to find out what blueyness irks me, also a gif!


A slice of sunshine, for Thor’s Day (3 images, and seeing spots for a while)


We’re getting our second wind of winter in Dubai now, and suffice to say it’s bloomin gorgrous. Clouds, cold and…..well that might be it but …..click here to see pictures, i thought that was obvious

Home on a stick, mine specifically (1 image, then one more to keep her company, )

A Distinct Lack of Roaming Buffalo

But i might make you work for the secondĀ  ……click here to find out the second what!?

Hoppy Next Year (6 images and a blackout bender)

Fire in the Sky


So yeah, people got all excited last night and put some explosions in the sky. It was only a saturday.
click here to make the sky go boom boom, visually

That Fairgrounded Feeling (7 images and a jaded jaded rant)

Sorry i’m not home right now, i’m riding on a spiderweb

As i sat down to write something for this post it occurred to me that i don’t much care for funfairs. It’s crowded, the food is usually …… click here to know what else i dislike about fun and its fairs. Also, pictures, colourful pictures.

Vertoramming again (4 images, twice as much awesome)

In the Shadow of the Game