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Come Fall With Me (4 images and a wet finish)

Cloudmaker – Made of Mist

Well then, haven’t seen you in a while.

click here for a calm refreshing spray which builds into a torrential embrace, photographically speaking of course


Things are looking up, skywards even : The many ways we find the sun (5 images)

Stand up, stand tall

I like skies, i could say it’s because it’s symbolic of potential freedom, or serves as a reminder of how small even the vastest (spellcheck’s silence just taught me that that’s a word) landscape can be. Or perhaps i could ……..click here to look up, watch out for stray poles though

Toronto – Under the moonlight (9+2 images and a touch of (Robert) Frost)

there’s more than one way to set the rain alight

click here to bathe in the lonely lunar luminations

Toronto, by the setting sun (9 images and 2 stories of skybound struggles)

All quiet on the Waterfront

click here to let the sun go down on the YYZ and 2 tales of epic epicness, with epictures

Toronto, by Day – Part (b); this time, with people (9 images and a parable)

Like a Golden Cowboy

click here for people being people, people

Toronto, by day – Part Uno (9 images)

Underground Street Art : A redefinition

click here for some more Canadiana under the sun