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In the event of a Tsunami (alert) (16 images and just some darned good advice)

Are you in an area not particularly susceptible to the wrath of Poseidon as an 8.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of a nearby nation? Thailand’s Ao Nang to Indonesia’s Sumatra perhaps?  click here to find out how to make your tsunami a fun-ami, also pictures. They’re better than the puns, honest.


A slice of sunshine, for Thor’s Day (3 images, and seeing spots for a while)


We’re getting our second wind of winter in Dubai now, and suffice to say it’s bloomin gorgrous. Clouds, cold and…..well that might be it but …..click here to see pictures, i thought that was obvious

Vertoramming again (4 images, twice as much awesome)

In the Shadow of the Game

Rocky Skies (3 images, a poem, and ripped shoes from running around on boulders)

en route

Click here to get stoned, with pictures

Still hate the beach, just hate work more (3 images and a bit of sass)

There’s a Red Sky over Yonder

True story.

click here for pictures, because now i’m too tired to come with any witty accompaniments

Though i hate the beach with a salty passion (3 images and a reason for commitment)

Settling sun; penthouse resignation

Ever try to explain to your boss and co-workers that you would like to leave early because of a wicked awesome sunset? Probably not, because you click here for sandy sunny and salty spectacles, alliteration not included