i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)


India – Textually Speaking (4 images)

And if you do, a big burly individual emerges from the shadows and snaps your fingers off.

No time to tell you what to say/do/not do. Read the sign. Sometimes obvious, sometimes oblivious; signs abound.

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A break from the broken (1 image and a mundane tale)

“there is always one woman to save you from another and as that woman saves you she makes ready to destroy”

The heavy heat of mid April Goa only served to make the blend of airs even more of a burden for an alien me. The slow rot of the produce market beside me; the exhaust fumes of the army of poorly maintained bikes and cars flowing all around; and of course the delightful scent wafting over from fish mongering women down the road. Wading through the melange, i could only avoid so many ‘cool bar’ signs before stopping for my 3rd sip before noon.
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India : Working hard for the money (14 images and a sweaty brow)

Cabbage Patch Kids

People say i’m Indian. I don’t deny this; but based on the 24/7  work ethic that pervades ……click here to see what’s being pervaded, and 13 more working class pictures

India : Getting around (7 images and, doctor who-esque trip through timey wimey and a video for good measure)

Ridealong (video below)

And now let’s take a wander across India a long long time ago; in the middle of 2011. It was a different , simplertime. …..click here to take a look into the distant distant paaaassstt (smoke effects now)

Al Ain Camel (and other such beasties) Market – Humpy in the morning (20 images, and tea for two)

The Early Chill

Somewhere in the outskirts of Al Ain, not far from the foot of Jabal Hafeet, is the Al Ain livestock Market. Get there soon after sunrise as I did on a bitter winter’s morning and you’ll find workers arriving, ……click here to for humps in the eyeholes

A slice of sunshine, for Thor’s Day (3 images, and seeing spots for a while)


We’re getting our second wind of winter in Dubai now, and suffice to say it’s bloomin gorgrous. Clouds, cold and…..well that might be it but …..click here to see pictures, i thought that was obvious