i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)


A slice of sunshine, for Thor’s Day (3 images, and seeing spots for a while)


We’re getting our second wind of winter in Dubai now, and suffice to say it’s bloomin gorgrous. Clouds, cold and…..well that might be it but …..click here to see pictures, i thought that was obvious


Come Fall With Me (4 images and a wet finish)

Cloudmaker – Made of Mist

Well then, haven’t seen you in a while.

click here for a calm refreshing spray which builds into a torrential embrace, photographically speaking of course

Vertoramming again (4 images, twice as much awesome)

In the Shadow of the Game

Rocky Skies (3 images, a poem, and ripped shoes from running around on boulders)

en route

Click here to get stoned, with pictures

The Trees Have it (5 images)

A tree of life

Still hate the beach, just hate work more (3 images and a bit of sass)

There’s a Red Sky over Yonder

True story.

click here for pictures, because now i’m too tired to come with any witty accompaniments