i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)


India – Lines, Everywhere (10 images & criss-cross patterns behind closed eyes)

The Rolling Serene

Lines. Everywhere in India, you find lines. Sit within it and it seems like the chaotic rush of a tidal wave, but should you be able to pull away enough, and look back upon it, there is an unspoken harmony that operates within borders; lines. click here for a few more lines on…..lines i guess. Also pictures of lines!


India – Textually Speaking (4 images)

And if you do, a big burly individual emerges from the shadows and snaps your fingers off.

No time to tell you what to say/do/not do. Read the sign. Sometimes obvious, sometimes oblivious; signs abound.

click here for some casual literature, with(in) pictures!

India : Getting around (7 images and, doctor who-esque trip through timey wimey and a video for good measure)

Ridealong (video below)

And now let’s take a wander across India a long long time ago; in the middle of 2011. It was a different , simplertime. …..click here to take a look into the distant distant paaaassstt (smoke effects now)

Come Fall With Me (4 images and a wet finish)

Cloudmaker – Made of Mist

Well then, haven’t seen you in a while.

click here for a calm refreshing spray which builds into a torrential embrace, photographically speaking of course

Faces of Arabia, Part 3 of 3, i guess : & Gentlemen (8 images and a story)

The Sales Pitch

He called me to his shack/shop on the outskirts of the friday market

outside Fujairah. He tinkered about for 5-10 minutes with assorted parts

that he placed and …….click here to get the boys back in town

Faces of Arabia, Part 2 of more : Ladies (3 images)