i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Landmarks n such

Marina Heavies (1 image, 1 trip)

The sun sets hard around here

I rarely mess with photographs to unrealistic levels, almost never in fact. But tiring of the constant bluey …..click here to find out what blueyness irks me, also a gif!


Come Fall With Me (4 images and a wet finish)

Cloudmaker – Made of Mist

Well then, haven’t seen you in a while.

click here for a calm refreshing spray which builds into a torrential embrace, photographically speaking of course

Hoppy Next Year (6 images and a blackout bender)

Fire in the Sky


So yeah, people got all excited last night and put some explosions in the sky. It was only a saturday.
click here to make the sky go boom boom, visually

Vertoramming again (4 images, twice as much awesome)

In the Shadow of the Game

Rocky Skies (3 images, a poem, and ripped shoes from running around on boulders)

en route

Click here to get stoned, with pictures

The Trees Have it (5 images)

A tree of life