i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)


Tremble all ye below my grubby toes (3 images, 1 ramble)

A thing of beauty - five toed magnificence

I previously had a post and some words about my time in Austria and the visit to the top of Mt. Hafelekar, but rummaging through my books i found this bunch of words and I felt obliged to throw it up here. Read it maybe, or just look at my right foot (it’s the good one). click here for….do you really need a reason?


Englandia (3 images, all that was left)

Then i went to the Britty Isles.

Didn’t do anything that i didn’t do before, didn’t see anything that i didn’t see before.

And then i lost most of the pictures i took there, including all the scotty ones.

So they can bite me.

Here, there, goes the girl

click here to get your kingdom united; royally pictorially even

Oranje you glad i didn’t say Holland? (1 sentence & 12 images)


Ah netherlands. That’s all. Along with france it would be the other country (so far) in Europe i’d happily buy a one way ticket to. I have but one sentence for the Netherlands.

click here for that very exciting sentence, and maybe several piccy-iccies

Belgium: comfortable numb (7 images, 10 salient points)

Deception at 21

A stranger without a moment’s hesitation would share his fries with me to help me decide which of the 17 million Frite Sauces i would have.

click here for other things belgian, like beer and Tintin

Impossible Germany (9 images and much pontificating)

The Big

The youth were angry, the old people were grateful.

Things were huge
click here if you want to know what else ladies and germans

Österreich!! (8 images)

New life at the top the world

A constant slew of images straight out of mastered paintings.

click here for the brush stroked skies, and benches….oh the benches!