i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Songkran 2012 – The Horror…..the horror (7 images and walking home in damp socks)

Someone's seen scarface (or at least the poster) one too many times

For a few days around this time of year every year, the streets of Thailand run red with the blood of the innocent and deserving alike. Well, blood, or water that mixed with some red colouring along the way. It could be any other colour or even remain crystal clear (unlikely-ly) but that wouldn’t be as dramatic now would it? No.

The Thai new year that is Songkran is responsible for said madness and not even the children are spared from its blind wrath. They lurk around corners armed to the teeth with colourful plastic guns and paint, hopped up on banana fritters and sheer adrenaline and spare no-one.

He was all dressed up; doesn’t matter got wet.

She was carrying groceries; doesn’t matter got wet.

He had a fancy camera; doesn’t matter got wet.

But she was 90 years old; still wet.

(to the tune of “i just had sex” – Lonely Island ft. Akon)

So taking these shots from a safe distance and with a big stick handy….SUK SAN WAN SONGKRAN!

They gon' get'cha

Water Lash

There's paint too

Lying in wait

Charlie got off easy this time

Not to be morbid in a celebratory moment, but is it just me or does this come to mind here? (click the blue part, graphic imagery within beware)

Theodore's mobile swimming pool idea had a few holes in it.

The full gallery of wetness and madness can be found here on my facebook page.


2 responses

  1. I think it looks rather fun! (unless you are walking around in corporate clothes, ho-hum)

    April 16, 2012 at 10:14

  2. great party, great photo essay 🙂

    April 16, 2012 at 12:27

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