i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

India : Getting around (7 images and, doctor who-esque trip through timey wimey and a video for good measure)

Ridealong (video below)

And now let’s take a wander across India a long long time ago; in the middle of 2011. It was a different , simplertime.  Ivy bingobango Carter was but a sparkle in her Jiggadaddy’s eye. Bin Laden, Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il were still making their weekly bridge game in the luxury suite tucked away behind the Monalisa in the Louvre. The iPad2 and iPhone 4s were mere fantasies as people toiled like chumps with iPad 1s and iPhone 4s. Oh what a time.

 Anyhow, I was in India at the time, fumbling between Bombay and Goa in sardine buses, matchbox cars, smokey mopeds, and at one point what I’m fairly certain was an ‘intoxicated’ horse.  So to begin with let’s look at how they get around there; or try anyhow.

Easy Rider

Like scarabs across the desert ancient : swarm

K bye have a beautiful day

Getting around isn't for everyone though

Passenger Syndrome

Kicking it old school


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