i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Al Ain Camel (and other such beasties) Market – Humpy in the morning (20 images, and tea for two)

The Early Chill

Somewhere in the outskirts of Al Ain, not far from the foot of Jabal Hafeet, is the Al Ain livestock Market. Get there soon after sunrise as I did on a bitter winter’s morning and you’ll find workers arriving, calmly clearing the remains of the last day, and wrapping themselves in enough layers of blankets to render them immobile as they sip their hot tea. Look lost enough as you walk by the many stalls and they’ll each invite you for a cup and a look around. Weak, with a lot of sugar, and piping hot; seemed to be the way they did it.

The Crew

The calm before the storm

This calm doesn’t last terribly long though, as buyers flood in early with vacant stained flatbed trucks. Soon the air fills with the stench of antiquated engines running, and a stormy mix of workers shouting and beasts shrieking from every corner of the market as their fate becomes more apparent.


Oh you
The Fattening

waitaround II – keep waiting

a boy and his pet
Hazy Realization


Very well, then death it is


It was the same ground he rued falling upon, that would’ve helped him run away

And to lighten the mood….



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