i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

That Fairgrounded Feeling (7 images and a jaded jaded rant)

Sorry i’m not home right now, i’m riding on a spiderweb

As i sat down to write something for this post it occurred to me that i don’t much care for funfairs. It’s crowded, the food is usually weak imitations of their real selves, everything costs you and parking is inevitably going to be a pain on arrival and departure. At which point it struck me that they were childhood initiations for shopping malls and other such consumption-oriented orgies.

When we get older we can buy a pair of shoes or a new frying pan and as the new piece of your life is being bagged realize the long term returns we get on it. For a child though, it’s all about instant gratification and all the future meals or envious looks that your red pumps get are balled into one knuckle whitening ride down a rickety roller coaster, or optimistically throwing a ball at a miraculously stable pyramid of bottles.

I actually began this post with a different idea before the weak shopping mall analogy interrupted us. It was to do with how i disliked carnivals, yet have several pictures of it. I hate the beach, yet have several, several, several pictures of it. I could do without urban infestations, yet again, pictures.

Point being:

I don’t like this world, but it makes for good phototaking.

To my youth spent away from the lights and the fancy
Round and round
Fair Daze
Let’s sift through this neon flight, perhaps find some familiar night
Youth that makes us feel like giants exploring a world full of colour and magic

a Youth more daunting


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