i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Toronto, by Day – Part (b); this time, with people (9 images and a parable)

Like a Golden Cowboy

Don’t half look long to me do that arm….no sir
Zen Garden, Zen Playground
once upon a time in Kensington Market
Norman didn’t appreciate the way Clarence touched his Melons
I can’t stand the rain against my window
But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need

 And now the Tale of Bob (13013)

BoB – The Bad luck Brigade

Sure, he wore a hardhat, but it was those who crossed his path that were in need of protection.

Susannah Rumbles found the pocket mirror she hadn’t used since her first date with her husband, broken, yet held in place at the back of her nightstand drawer. The very next day, she lost her sixth consecutive client of the week, and her job swiftly followed.

Timothy Droud found the top on the salt shaker at the local greasy spoon loosened as he lifted it for the tame french fries, and the seasoning that rained down upon his feet didnt leave enough to be tossed over his shoulder. When he left he found a parking ticket on his windhsield, and a fire hydrant outside his door.

The B on Barry Engleston’s name plate on his desk was prised apart ever so slightly to become a 13. The candles he left burning at home that day proceeded to burn everything in his flat to ashes, including the insurance cheque on the entrance table.

A trail of tuna oil and the timely release of a black cat led to an unfortunate run in with Paco Blague on the corner by his house. By nighttime his rent money for the month had vanished because of the thin line between black 17 and red 25 on a roulette wheel.

In his old age, Bob of the bad luck brigade had become lazy though, resorting to snipping off the fourth leaves on clovers in fields, sledgehammering the walls between the groom and the bride’s dressing room before weddings, and even waking up owls in the daytime and setting them about the city (Look it up).

His uninspired streak continues here, holding ladders over passing pedestrians. Mark and Marina Thomson will find that their favourite coffee shop is fresh out of the blueberry muffins they’re craving.

They’ll have banana-nut instead.


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