i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Belgium: comfortable numb (7 images, 10 salient points)

Deception at 21

A stranger without a moment’s hesitation would share his fries with me to help me decide which of the 17 million Frite Sauces i would have.

300 varieties of beer in a shop no bigger than a matchbox.

More than one store dedicated to TinTin and TinTin paraphernalia.

The existence of TinTin paraphernalia.

A Godiva chocolate milkshake.

roll on through, she’ll roll to you

Even the crummiest bar with it’s respect for beer had the respective glass for every make.

3 or more different belgian beers before bed, and dream the wildest and most lucid dreams ever. Hagar the Horrible emerging from a trashcan on a hillside is as vivid a memory as lunch.

The sleepy streets of Ghent, supposed hub of youth and Belgian Craziness.

The Gradient of Brussels
Formerie Chocolaterie

The smell of waffles like a light drizzle around tourist hubs of Bruge.

Though she was lovely, and i loved her, i cut my trip short and left her so easily.

If ever there was a place that i would liken to myself, she would be Belgium.

Soulflower, take me flying with you

little man
Simply put, they have beds on the streets

One response

  1. Mr Mole

    deception at 21. I like the litle story, it paints a good picture.

    October 27, 2011 at 13:22

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