i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Impossible Germany (9 images and much pontificating)

The Big

The youth were angry, the old people were grateful.

Things were huge

Nihilists and their dogs roamed the streets of Hamburg, sneering at immigrants and myself.

In a small village to the side of Hannover where not a person in the two restaurants i found sprechen the english; i pointed at things and ate whatever they gave me. It was good.

What i imagine were neo-nazis attacked me outside a biergarten in Munich before the bartender gave me a hand in my drunken, confused state.

A filmmaker named Bruno in Berlin.

The quiet streets of Karlsruhe.

The dirty alleys and lemon-Becks of Bremen.

315 steps to the top of Heidelberg

Some of the best pepperoni pizza i’ve had, in Dusseldorf.

The tall, dark structure that was a cathedral that greeted me as i emerged from the underground train station in Koln.

The simplicity of Essen.

More art than i expected….everywhere.

The sillhouette of a most perfect tree across the valley that nestled Stuttgart from the balcony of the hostel as we sipped our weissbeer.

Impossible Germany

The sounds a city makes
That bin ein Berlinner….i guess
looking up
You’ll never drink alone
Many eyes looking many ways 
Things aren’t always what they seem
Koln : as it does

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