i take the photos, and i make the picture (in that order)

Taking it to the streets

 Not my usual thing admittedly, and i’m not even sure what i’m achieving, or trying to achieve rather, with this set  but here are a few of my favouritest ones. To see the complete set, it’s probably best to just head on over to my facebook page rather than me putting them all up here.

Street photography in Dubai is a tricky thing.  When i whip out my camera in public, people within the field of vision within a 5 mile radius begin to glare at me and will more often than not tell me not to take any pictures. Police will go through my pictures and force me to delete any image with even a silhouette of a person in it. I heard horror stories of people being taken in by the cops, and when i was sat face to face with the sheriff (or whatever the cop guy at the station is called, i’m guessing not sheriff, he didn’t have a hat) one day i believed them.

Long story short, i’ve taken to shooting primarily from the air conditioned , and Pearl Jam soundtracked comfort of my car.

While initially being forced into the situation, i do feel that the images get a unique (that should probably say “an unique”, but that sounds odd) perspective of dubai that is more reflective of life here. We live in our boxes, we pass by people and places; its a constant journey with no honest destination. Communal interaction is restricted to sponsored events that involve press releases and commemorative t-shirts. Eye contact is offensive. The smiling are suspicious.

It’s a strange place.

Or maybe it’s just me.

For the rest of the set, head on over to the facebook set, which is of course part of my facebook page…LIKE ME YOU FIEND!



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